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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The old way to make money online involved paying for a web site and selling physical products. In order to make money online about 5 years ago was a lot harder than it is today. There is a whole new money making technique being devoured by almost anyone with Internet connection. I started getting paid for my articles about 3 years ago and it has been very lucrative for me. However there are many companies out there offering money for blogs that will scam you. To consistently make money online at home you must find a reputable dot-com. There are a lot of "hype" web sites out there, just trying to get you to advertiser for the advertisers. From my experience writing articles to easily make money online, I have made a list of the best 3 web sites to start making money at home from your articles. You will learn a little bit about the website and tips on how to make the most money from articles.
1. Make Money Online With Associated Content
I've been an avid user with Associated Content for a while now and they are hands down the best in my opinion. They have a huge library that needs people to write article on what they know. All you need is a Paypal account to start making money online at home. Associated Content will pay you for an upfront payment for your article submission. This payment is for the quality of your article and how well it's written. I'm not the best writer in the world and I easily average $4.00 an article. They only require you make a 400 word article and they pay you in about a week. Once the article is published by Associated Content they will pay you $1.50 per one thousand views. This may not sound like very much right off the bat, but trust me it is a great way to get free money.
Once you have compiled a descent sized library of published articles, you will be making money off the page views. So you don't even have to be submitting articles to be making money online. Associated Content has always paid me fairly and I use this site as my part time job on the side. I make an extra $150 dollars a month only writing about 2 articles a day. The best part about this site is that they don't make you write articles or make you choose a topic. Write about whatever you want and be paid for it.
2. Make Money Online With EHow
Another awesome web site to make money at home with articles is . They have a great writer's compensation program available to anyone that signs up. You can begin to make money online quickly with an active Paypal account. The sign up process is very painless and easy. All eHowwants is how to articles that are informative to people viewing them.
Once you have signed up for the worker's compensation program then you are ready to start writing articles and making money. Yes, it is that easy to make money online quickly. The site offers commonly asked questions and answers to let the user know what kind of articles get the most money. All you have to do is write about stuff you have knowledge on and then publish it for money. Submit 2-3 articles everyday and you will be making a constant cycle of money.
3. Make Money Online With Xomba

Another site that I have successfully used to make nice sums of money is Xomba . In order to make money though however with this web site, you will need to have a Google Adsense account. Many sites like this require a Google Adsense account before you can start making money online for your articles. The articles only have to be a minimum of 100 words and can be written on just about anything you can think of. Xomba also offers fun bonuses and contests when submitting your articles, so there are other ways to get income with articles. They also offer free guides on how to earn the most money from your article submissions.
Tips On Writing The Best Articles And Earning The Most Money
In order to get the most money for your articles then you need to write them relatively well. You don't need to be a savvy marketer or a great writer in order to accomplish this however. First of all just make sure that you are using correct grammar and error free. You want your article to be original and offer man than other sites on the web. So instead writing an article about making money online, you should write an article about how to make money online teaching French or something like that. They don't want articles on broad subjects or subjects that have tons of content and competition.
Next you need to establish a list of keywords to use for your article subject. Put the title or subject you are writing about on Google and search it. Now when you the ads for the subject provided by Google, copy and paste the URL. You want to find the ad that best speaks to the subject you are writing about. Now go to Keyword Spy and enter the URL in the search bar. This service is free for small time users. Go to the Paid Keywords tab and arrange the keywords by price per click. This will let you know the top keywords that are being targeted by people online. You use the first 4 or 5 keywords on the list and work them into your article a descent amount of times. Try to make it look natural and don't make it look obvious. Google will trigger these keywords and give you a better page rank on their page. This will get you a higher amount of traffic and a better upfront payment.

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